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Dramatic reel 2019

Includes favorites from The Americans, ROOM 104, Ice, Gang Related, Castle, MARVEL's Agents of SHIELD and Prime Suspect

MOM - With Anna Farris

A scene from Mom, sitcom by the amazing Chuck Lorre on CBS. Sergei likes moist cake with pudding inside.


Some scenes from Tales (Irv Gotti, Robert Munic) on BET. Russian Mobster like no other

Room 104 medley

A short reel - from the leading role in ROOM 104 on HBO.

Comedic - Designer in Kitchen (Kukhnya CTC Russia/ Кухня на СТС)

Playing an ultra modern Swedish Couture Designer, Olaf - a comedic role in the most popular Russian SitCom - Kukhnya (Kitchen)

Comedic - French Chef in a SitCom "Eternal Vacation" (CTC Russia)

Comedic role in a SitCom Eternal Vacation, playing a French Master Chef Francois.


From Antoine Fuqua's ICE on Audience (multi-season heavy recurring part) with Ray Winstone, Cam Gigandet, Rey Gallegos, Donald Sutherland, Jeremy Sisto, and many others.

The Americans

Orthodox Priest Father Andrei - the Marriage scene from The Americans ep 510 (ekfh and uh getting married).

Artistic Russian medley

Includes scenes from Against Night (Oscar nom AFI Thesis, Best Actor Award), Leading role in a major RomCom feature, Happy 8th of March, Gentlemen!, Karaganda (AFI Thesis, Best Actor Award and 27 other awards), and several others.

General Hospital

General Hospital recurring.

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