Demo Reel 2023

Includes favorites from Power Book IV: FORCE, For All Mankind, NCIS: New Orleans, Mom and Room 104     


Some segments from the amazing Force. From 2 seasons. Heavy recurring Mirko

Game Reel

Some of the video game appearances. Includes General Barkov (main villain in Call of Duty: Modern Wrafare), Mad Max War Crier, and KGB Announcer from Call of Duty: Cold War

For All Mankind

A little bit of Lieutenant Stepan Gura From the amazing show. Season 4

NCIS: New Orleans

I loved being this guy. Nico is painfully European. And witty and funny and I miss this character a lot. NCIS: New Orleans!

Room 104 official

Official HBO teaser for my Leading role

Room 104 medley

Some footage from the leading role in ROOM 104 on HBO.


Some footage from the 2 seasons of ICE


A little of Sergei, from Mom (sitcom by Chuck Lorre), trying to date Anna Farris

Comedic - Designer in Kitchen (Kukhnya CTC Russia/ Кухня на СТС)

Playing an ultra modern Swedish Couture Designer, Olaf - a comedic role in the most popular Russian SitCom - Kukhnya (Kitchen)

Comedic - French Chef in a SitCom "Eternal Vacation" (CTC Russia)

Comedic role in a SitCom Eternal Vacation, playing a French Master Chef Francois.


From Antoine Fuqua's ICE on Audience (multi-season heavy recurring part) with Ray Winstone, Cam Gigandet, Rey Gallegos, Donald Sutherland, Jeremy Sisto, and many others.

The Americans

Orthodox Priest Father Andrei - the Marriage scene from The Americans ep 510 (getting married).

The Americans

A reel from two seasons of the amazing The Americans


A few pieces from Tales on BET

Artistic Russian medley

Includes scenes from Against Night (Oscar nom AFI Thesis, Best Actor Award), Leading role in a major RomCom feature, Happy 8th of March, Gentlemen!, Karaganda (AFI Thesis, Best Actor Award and 27 others), and more.

Gang Related

My first recurring Guest Star. And one of the favourite intense scenes with wonderful Inbar.

General Hospital

General Hospital recurring.